Why Laughing is Important to Your Health

When was the last time you laughed? Whether it’s a silly joke, antics from the kids, or even a comedy show on television that causes laughter, it truly is the best medicine. It’s not easy to smile and laugh when you are missing a tooth, however. While our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, many problems can interfere and cause the need for an extraction. Our smile is so important and one or more missing teeth really impact our confidence and smile, and even our ability to let loose and laugh. Thankfully, anyone who is missing a tooth can visit the dentist for a solution.

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Many people use dentures to replace missing teeth or teeth, however, those who want something more natural-looking and with fewer problems often consider dental implant surgery nacogdoches and dental implants. Implants look and feel more like real teeth and do not remove from the mouth like dentures. They actually attach to the jaw with help of a titanium screw. Although dental implants are costlier than dentures or partial dentures, most people agree they’re worth the added funds. Laughter improves your mood, happiness and even your health and when you’ve chosen a tooth restoration method that suits your needs, you won’t have any reservations about letting loose when the time to laugh comes.

Laughing increases endorphins in the brain that are responsible for happiness. They also ensure proper serotonin levels, which are necessary to keep depression at bay. Laughing feels great and simply looks better than a frown on your face. If you aren’t laughing the same way that you did before due to a missing tooth or teeth, reach out to the dentist for a solution that works. Perhaps dental implants are what you need to smile and laugh again.