Different Options at Your Favorite Spa

When going to a spa, many people feel that they are going to be surrounded by a lot of different holistic people trying to get them to eat seaweed and drink kale water.  Maybe this is how it was back in the day, but modern spas are offering many more services then most people know.  Listed below are some of the main services one can expect from a spa.


The first, and possibly the most requested, service is a foot massage falls church va.  The feet are the most sensitive parts of our bodies and the parts of our bodies that we abuse most often. The feet carry our entire weight, are forced to be covered in shoes, are subjected to a lot of pressure, and are the last thing that we think about when we are sorting out self care.  This is why it is important that we pamper our feet and getting a massage is the best way to start off.

Next to our feet, a full body or a back massage is the next thing you may want to consider.  With a back massage, you will loosen up your muscles, encourage blood flow, and start to release stress.  It is suggested that you get some type of massage once or twice a month.

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A facial is a great way to help remove toxins form the body.  The face is one of the most damaged parts of our bodies. The face however is hardly ever covered and is subjected to oils, makeups, sunlight, and so much more. When receiving a facial, the goal is to pull all of the dirt, grime, oils and toxins from the face.  This will help to rejuvenate the skin and help make your complexion and overall appearance the best that it can be.