Teaching Children About Good Dental Health

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Dental health is a major part of our lives.  When we brush our teeth, we are removing germs and bacteria that could be harmful to other areas of our body.  To avoid the need to visit a kids dentist near me lynnwood and paying expensive bills, parents should seriously consider starting good oral health habits ASAP.

Teach About Food

The first line of oral health defense is to teach children about food.  When we eat sugary foods – like candy, sugar and sweets – they can eventually cause decay and eventual tooth loss.  Many parents will have their children eat healthy foods, but with all of the soda and candy available, it can be a losing battle.

Teach Proper Brushing Habits

As a child, it is important to learn proper brushing habits.  First, you may want to purchase a fun toothbrush for them to use.  This can be a bright and fun color, an action figure, or even a fun character from Disney.  When deciding on the toothbrush, have the child go with you to the store and pick out their own brush.  Involving them in the process early will keep them motivated.

Set a Schedule

When teaching children to brush, be sure to set a specific brushing schedule.  This should be done after eating breakfast and before going to school or doing chores.  Then, brush again after lunch (if at home) or right after their after-school snack.  Finally, you want to have them brush before they go to bed.  When creating a schedule will help to keep their teeth clean as well as give them a specific time to brush.

Create Brushing Songs

Finally, to keep kids motivated and to ensure that they are brushing properly, have them brush to specific songs or patterns.  As they sing the song, the toothbrush should be moved up and down and side to side.  This will help them learn and remember the right pattern for brushing their teeth.